St Columba's Catholic Primary School



 Sports for Term 4, 2017. 

Online registrations are now opened!! Please use the Registration Tab under Sports.

Registration close Wednesday 20th September. (Late registrations will only be accept if spaces are still available.

Over view of Term 4 Sports

 Sport  Yr. Group
 Day  Time  Venue  Start Date   
Finish Date
 Cost per player
 Basketball  All Ages

Yr 1/2: Thurs

Yr 3/4: Wed

Yr 5/6: Fri

Yr 7/8: Tues

First Rounds

from 4pm

Ymca or Fraser

Thurs 25th Oct

Wed 24th Oct

Fri 26th Oct

Tues 23rd Oct

Thurs 14th Dec

Wed 13th Dec

Fri 15th Dec

Tues 12th Dec

 Spring Netball
 Yr 3- 8
 Monday All games 4.15pm  Ham Netball Centre
 Mon 30th Oct
Mon 4th December
 Touch  All ages
 Thursday  1st round: 3.45pm
 Swarbrick Park, Frankton
 Thurs 19th Oct
Thurs 7th Dec
 Cricket  Yr 1 - 6

 Yr 1-4: Friday

 Yr 5-6: Saturday

 Friday: 5.30pm

Sat: 9am

 City Wide

Fri. 27th Oct

Sat 28th OCt

 Fri 9th Dec

Sat 8th Dec

 Lacrosse  Yr 7 - 8
 Gower Park
 Sat 28th Oct  Sat 16th Dec  $30
 Softball  Yr 7- 8  Saturday  Morning  Resthills Park
 TBC  TBC  $25
 Yr 5 - 8
 From 4pm
 Te Rapa Sportsdrome
 Mon 6th Nov
Mon 4th Dec

 More details:

BASKETBALL is played all year and is offered to all age groups. Playing tops are provided to each player.
Fees are $40 per player per term.

Playing details as follows:

Playing Day
Age Group
Start Date
Finishing Date
 Yr 7 & 8
 Ymca or Fraser High
Tuesday 23rd Oct.
Tuesday 11th Dec.
 Yr 3 & 4
Wednesday 24th Oct.
Wednesday 12th Dec.
 Yr 1 & 2
Thursday 25th Oct.
Thursday 13th Dec.
 Yr 5 & 6
 Ymca or Fraser High
Friday 26th Oct.
Friday 15th Dec.


SPRING NETBALL is for Yr 3 - 8. It is a social grade of netball. Spring netball is played in PE uniform.
Games are Monday at 4.15pm each week at the Netball centre, Moore St. Fess are $15 per player.
Start Dates: Monday 30th Oct - Monday 4th December. 

TOUCH is for all ages Yr 1 - 8. It is played on Thursday afternoon at Swarbrick Park. Playing tops are provided.
Games start times are: 3.45pm, 4.15pm, 4.45pm, 5.15pm & 5.45pm. (There will only be a 5.45pm depending on the number of team entries.)
Generally the younger age groups play at the earlier time slots following through with age groups.
Fees are $20 per player.
Start Date: Thursday 19th Oct - Thursday 7th Dec.
CRICKET Yrs 1 - 4 play 8 a-side with a softball on Friday late afternoon. Yr 5 & 6 play with a hardball on Saturday morning.
Yr 1 - 4 play in PE tops & Yr 5-6 uniform tops are provided.
Fess are $20 per player
Start Dates: TBC

SOFTBALL all equipment/gear and playing tops are provided.
Fess are $25 per player
Start Dates: TBC

LACROSSE is for Yr 7&8 students. It is played on Saturday afternoon at Gower Park, Melville. Game times are: 2pm, 3pm, 4pm or 5pm. All playing equipment and uniform is provided.
Fess are $30 each
Start Dates: Saturday 28th October - Saturday 16th December.

VOLLEYBALL is for students from Yr 5 - 8. It is 4 Aside Kiwi-volley played indoor at TeRapa Sportsdrome on Monday afternoon. With 1st round starts at 4pm. Teams play 2x games a week. 
Start Date: Monday 6th Nov - Monday 4th Dec.