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Term 1 2019 Sports

 Sport                                Yr. Group             
 Day                                      Time                               Venue     Start Date                               
Finish Date                             
 Cost per player      
 Basketball  All Ages

Yr 1/2: Thurs

Yr 3/4: Wed

Yr 5/6: Fri

Yr 7/8: Tues

First Rounds

from 4pm

Ymca or Fraser


 8 Weeks

 Touch  All Ages  Thursday  from 3.45pm  Swarbrick Park  Thur 21st Feb  6 weeks


 Yr 7 - 8  Saturday  Afternoon  Bremwroth Park  TBC  

 Cricket -  


 More details: 

BASKETBALL is played all year and is offered to all age groups. Playing tops are provided to each player.
Fees are $45 per player per term.
Playing details as follows: 
Playing Day   Age Group  Venue
Tuesday    Yr 7 - 8  Ymca or Fraser High
Wednesday   Yr 3 - 4  Ymca
Thursday   Yr 1 - 2  Ymca
Friday   Yr 5 - 6  Ymca or Fraser High

TOUCH is for all ages Yr 1 - 8. It is played on Thursday afternoon at Swarbrick Park. Playing tops are provided.
Games start times are: 3.45pm, 4.15pm, 4.45pm, 5.15pm & 5.45pm. (There will only be a 5.45pm depending on the number of team entries.)
Generally the younger age groups play at the earlier time slots following through with age groups.
Term 1 is a 6 week competition.  
Fees are $20 per player.
Start Date: Thursday 21st Feb - Thursday 4 April.
 Lacrosse is for Yr 7&8 students. It is played on Saturday afternoon at  
 It is played on Saturday afternoon at Gower park.
 All playing uniform & equipment is provided. 
 Fees are $30.
 Start Date: Saturday 27th Oct
CRICKET Yrs 1 - 4 play 8 a-side with a softball on Friday late afternoon. Yr 5 & 6 play with a hardball on Saturday morning.
Yr 1 - 4 play in PE tops & Yr 5-6 uniform tops are provided.
Fees are to be confirmed.
Start Dates: TBC

VOLLEYBALL is played in PE tops.

Start Dates: TBC