St Columba's Catholic Primary School


2017 Term Sports

Sports for Term 2, 2017.

Basketball - is played all year round and offered for all age groups. Games played at the Ymca or Fraser High gym, with the first round starting at 4pm each night. Basketball tops are provided and must be worn at games.     Fees are $40 per team.

Yr 1&2 play - Thursday                                                                                                                                        Yr 3&4 play - Wednesday                                                                                                                                     Yr 5&6 play - Friday                                                                                                                                             Yr 7&8 play - Tuesday

TERM DATES:     Yr 7/8 - Tues 8th May - Tues 4th July                                                                                                                 Yr 3/4 - Wed 9th May - Wed 5th July                                                                                                                 Yr 1/2 - Thurs 10th May - Thurs 6th July
                          Yr 5/6 - Fri 11th May - Fri 7th July   

Netball plays through Term 2 & 3 and is offered for all age groups both male & females. Games are played at the Hamilton Netball Centre on Moore St, Forest Lake. Teams play 1 game a week. Game times vary each week. Uniforms are provided for Yr 5,6,7 &8. PE uniform is to worn for Yr 1,2,3 &4.                                                     Fees are $50 per player.                                                                                                                                     Please note: There is a change from the letter given out regards Yr6 netball. Yr 6 will be playing 7 aside this year.  

Yr 1&2 play - Wednesday               Game Times: 4.00pm or 4.45pm                      Play 4 v 4 Game.                       Yr 3&4 play - Tuesday                    Game Times: 4.00pm or 4.45pm                      Play 5 v 5 Game.                     Yr 5     play - Thursday                  Game times: 4.00pm, 4.45pm or 5.30pm          Play 6 v 6 Game.                      Yr 6     play - Thursday                  Game times: 4.00pm, 4.45pm or 5.30pm          Play 7 v 7 Game.                       Yr 7&8 play - Saturday                   Game Times: 8.00am, 9.15am or 10.00am       Play 7 v 7Game.

SEASON DATES: Yr 7/8 - Sat. 6th May - Sat 2nd Sept.                                                                                                                Yr3/4 - Tues 9th May - Tues 22nd Aug                                                                                                                Yr 1/2 - Wed 10th May - Wed 23rd Aug                                                                                                            Yr 5/6 - Thurs 11th May - Thurs 24th Aug

Hockey Six a side teams are made by combining players in Yrs 3-6 from both St Columbas and St Peter Chanel Schools. Hockey is played Saturday morning, in Terms 2 & 3 at Gallaghers Hockey Turf in Queens Ave.               Playing shirt is provided. Players to wear black shorts, long black socks and laced sneakers.Shin pads & mouth guards are compulsory, and not supplied Most players have their own hockey sticks, but we do have some that can be used.                                                                                                                                                             Fees are approx. $60 per player.

2017 WHA Competition Structure:                                                                                                                      "Mini Sticks". Yr 1-2 players, 6 aside. 25 minute games, played on quarter fields. Basic Introduction for first time players. Limited Rules.                                                                                                                                      "Kiwi Dev B". Yr 3-4 players, 6 a side. 25 minute games, played on quarter fields. For inexperienced players with few rules.                                                                                                                                                         "Kiwi Dev A". Yr 3-4 players, 6 a side. 25 minute games played on quarter fields.For experienced players with few rules. Suitable for Yr 5-6 beginner players.                                                                                                         "Kiwi Sticks" Yr 5-6, 6 a side, played on half fields. For more experienced players with basic hockey rules.

SEASON DATES: Sat. 6th May - Finals Sat 2nd Sept.