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Saints United

          St Columbus, St Josephs, Marian, St Peter Chanel & St Pius Schools

Sports for Year 7 & 8 Students in 2017

Saints United is a club set up by all the Hamilton Catholic Schools to provide our students with the opportunity at a more competitive leave. Hence a few sports will require trials. But no one will miss out! 

If you register to play on time I will try my hardest to put your child in a team.

Sports played through Saints United Club include: Basketball, Cricket, Netball, Softball. Lacrosse and Hockey.

More information for other sports will come out closer to start dates for them.


Term 1 Sports:






Saturday morning

City Wide

1st&2nd XI - $80 both term

Yr7/8 grade - $30 per term.


Tuesday from 4pm

Ymac or Fraser High

$40 per term or $150 for yr.


Saturday Morning

Resthills Park

$25 per term.


Registration for Term 1 sports are due back in week one so to beat the rush & chaos at that time of year – please register your child now for any sport the wish to play in term1.

To register: please send the following information to:

1).   Student Name,     2).   Sport,     3).   Date of Birth,    4).   School,    5).   Year 7 or 8                                6). Parent Contact details. Parent Name, Home & Mobile number, email address.

If you are able to assist with coaching and manging any sports, that would be greatly appreciated, please include this in your email.                                                                                                                


Cricket is offered in the following formats for year 7 & 8:                                                                            

1st XI Competition. This is an 8 team competition, which is intended to promote a high level of cricket.  Games shall consist of 35 overs. A high level of skill is required to play at this level. The competition is run over 2 terms (term 1 2017 & term 4 2017). HCA will determine the final 8 teams to compete in this competition.             (TRIALS ARE CURRENTLY BEING HELD FOR THIS TEAM)                                                                                  

2ndXI Competition. This competition provides players an opportunity to experience the longer game and extend their cricketing skills. 1stXI rules apply at this level. Games consist of 35 overs.                                               This competition is played on a term by term basis. But we prefer if you sign up for term 1 you will continue to play in term 4, but it is not compulsory.                                                                                                    

Year 7 & 8 Combined. This competition is played in an 8 aside competition. The competition is played on a term by term basis. Games consist of 28 overs.

We are lucky to  have Mr Josh McCabe as the  1stXI  coach for 2017.  He is looking to have an assistant so if you are keen to help please let me know.   More coaches and managers will be needed once teams have  been  selected.                                                                                                                                            



Trails for the Gold & Silver teams have been completed and the teams have been named.You can register for the whole year or term by term, offering flexibility around other sports.  (Those selected for the Gold or Silver team play all year.)                                                                                                                               

Softball                                                                                  We were very fortunate to have Carlos offer to coach a softball team for us in term 4. From the feedback, the children loved it!  He has kindly offered to coach again in term 1. Some of the children in the team are year 8’s and so we really need some new players to keep the sport going!!!