St Columba's Catholic Primary School


Sports Draws

Touch Season. Term 1, 2019.

Please note: Waikato Touch will not cancel games due to weather. Touch will only be cancelled if Hamilton City Council close the grounds.  

 Thursday 14th March         
 Yr 3/4 SC Puma  3.45pm  10  vs      TK Panthers         
 Yr 5/6 SC Lynx  4.45pm  2  vs      Fairfield Flame  
 Yr 5/6 SC Cougar  4.45pm  3  vs      Southwell Mars  
 Thursday 7th March         
 Yr 3/4 SC Puma  3.45pm  8  vs      Pukete Zoomers  
 Yr 5/6 SC Lynx  4.45pm  3  vs     Crawshaw Black  
 Yr 5/6 SC Cougar  4.15pm  5  vs      Frankton Hawks  
 Thursday 28th February        
 Yr 3/4 SC Puma  3.45pm  7  vs      Whakawatea  
 Yr 5/6 SC Lynx  4.15pm  7  vs      Nawton Tigers  
 Yr 5/6 SC Cougar  4.15pm  5  vs      Southnet Puma  
 Thursday 21st February         
 Yr 3/4 SC Pumas  3.45pm 10  vs      Pukete Jaguars       
 Yr 5/6 SC Lynx  4.45pm 4  vs      Crawshaw Black        Lost
 Yr 5/6 SC Cougars  4.45pm 1  vs      Pukete Swift