St Columba's Catholic Primary School




IMPORTANT information for 2021:

The St Columba’s Catholic School Board of Trustees wishes to advise that enrolments for 2021 at St Columba's Catholic School are now OPEN. Families with a preference card will take priority.

Please read our enrolment policy and if you wish to apply for enrolment, download and fill in the Application for Enrolment Form and return to the school office along with a copy of your child's birth certificate/passport and a preference card (if applicable). The Applications to Enrol must be received at the school office in order to be considered for placement.

All applicants must meet the criteria outlined in the school’s enrolment policy and preference criteria will also apply. For preference applications, a preference card, signed by the Parish Priest, must be received by the school for each child wishing to enrol. Appointments with the Parish Priest can be made by contacting the Parish Secretary on (07)847 5688.

There are limited places available and due to ongoing enrolments throughout the year, no guarantees can be given that there will be a place available. It is extremely unlikely that any vacancies will be available for non-preference students in the foreseeable future. This is in line with the State Integration Agreement and due to the high demand for placements. Should non preference vacancies become available the following criteria applies;

a) Up to 20 children with non-preference status may be on the school roll at any time.

b) Parents are able to place their child's name on a waiting list. Children will be offered placement as vacancies occur in accordance with the following guidelines;

1) siblings of existing non-preference students

2) students living within the agreed catchment area being the parish boundary

3) children of staff members

4) students living outside the schools agreed catchment area.

The date names are placed on the waiting list will define the priority within each of the above criteria.

ATTENDANCE DUES (Payable to the Diocese NOT our school):

School Attendance Dues are set at $426.00 per child a year. The Catholic Integrated Schools Office will send out invoices at the beginning of each year, and payments are to be paid directly to that office. Payments are to be made out to R.C. Bishop of Hamilton – Diocesan Schools A/C.

Automatic payments can be arranged with the Catholic Integrated Schools Office. This money is used by the Diocese to fund building and capital works in schools.

The Diocese also asks for a $40.00 donation, per child, towards supporting the Catholic Character of our schools. This money is used to fund teacher's professional development, and support for schools to develop and enhance Catholic Character.


The Application for Enrolment form can be downloaded from our website and handed into the school office.

The maps show the boundary of the Parish city and region.