St Columba's Catholic Primary School



St Columba's is an Enviro school  promoting learning pathways that endorse sustainable practices. Students engage purposefully with their environment learning to respect and care for their

surroundings, to ensure it’s wellbeing. New initiatives are planned and implemented by a lead

Enviro group comprising of year 7 and year 8 students.

Five Guiding Enviro principles are:

· learning for sustainability

· respect for diversity people and cultures

· sustainable communities

· Maori perspectives

· empowering students

Sustainable practices and recent projects at St Columba’s include:

· recycling paper, cardboard and some plastics

· litter free lunchboxes

· composting food scraps

· worm farm and vermacast  harvesting

· class vegetable gardens and potted tubs

· rainwater catchment from shed roof 

· solar energy  for powering garden watering system