St Columba's Catholic Primary School


School Uniform


Uniform Guidelines

Expectations:  The uniform is to be worn with pride. It is expected that the correct uniform be worn at all times. Students are to change out of fitness gear into their uniforms before going home.

A School Policy Booklet is available for viewing in the Reception area.



Skort                                                   Years 1-6

Senior White -S/Sleeve Blouse              Years 7+8 

Senior White -L/Sleeve Blouse              Years 7+8 

Skirt                                                    Years 7+8

Junior Boys Shorts                      Years 1-6

Senior Boys Shorts                      Years 7+8

Senior Boys Shirt -S/Sleeve         Years 7+8

Senior Boys Shirt -L/Sleeve         Years 7+8

S/Sleeve SCCS Polo Shirt             Years 1-6

L/Sleeve SCCS Polo Shirt             Years 1-6



S/Sleeve SCCS Polo Shirt                       Years 1-6

L/Sleeve SCCS Polo Shirt                        Years 1-6

Polar Fleece 



Bucket Hat




 St Dominic PE Shirt (Red)

St Maria PE Shirt (Blue)

St Gerard PE Shirt (Green)

St Teresa PE Shirt (Yellow)

PE Shorts




All uniform items, except for the footwear, 

can be purchased through 

the school office



Examples of correct footwear for winter

Black sandals for summer


All garments should be clearly named.

Second hand uniforms may be available. Please contact the School Office Staff for details.

  • Hair must be worn off the face and tied back if longer than the bottom of the collar and be a natural hair colour. Navy, black, white or maroon hair ties or head bands are in keeping with uniform standards and are acceptable head wear. Head scarfs are not to be worn, unless for cultural or medical reasons or for specific events.
  • Nail polish and cosmetics are not permitted. Fingernails should be clean and well cared for.

Jewellery and Valuables
Rings, bracelets and earrings can be easily lost or damaged at school. They may also cause injury to the wearer. For safety reasons we ask that these are not worn. The School accepts no responsibility in the case of loss, damage or injury.

Pupils may however wear:
a) One pair of earring studs
b) A Watch
c) One plain chain, pendant of bone carving, of religious or cultural significance — to be worn underneath clothing.

To care for our classroom carpets, slippers may be worn on wet or cold days and throughout winter.

Sense in the Sun
During the summer, all pupils are encouraged to put on sunscreen at home before School and expected to wear the School hat while outdoors during breaks. Our policy is: No hat — play in the shade.