St Columba's Catholic Primary School


Student Information

Student Health and Well Being


Illness and Accidents at School

If a child becomes illl at school, we shall endeavour to get in touch with his/her parents.  If we are unable to do so, we will use our discretion about seeking medical aid and advice. We also require a current name and telephone number of someone who can be called in an emergency in addition to contact details for the parent/s and caregivers. 



All parents fill in the personal record of health for each of their children on enrolment.   If this alters at all, please contact the school office.  If a child suffers from any allergy or is prone to sudden illness, the school should be notified.  Where appropriate, medication e.g. allergy medication/asthma inhaler should be handed into the school office.


Students attend the Dental Clinic at Frankton at no charge. Parents are welcome to contact the Dental Nurse regarding dental care and development. Phone 847 9514.

Hearing and Vision

This is happens routinely through hearing and vision technicians who visit school on a regular basis. For any enquiries regarding hearing and vision or testing, contact the school office.

Administering of Medication

Consent forms are available at the school office to be completed if it is necessary for a staff member to administer medication to your child.   Medicine will not be administered without prior consent, parents need to sign the form and leave clearly labelled medicine at the office.  For serious or life threatening conditions that staff need to be aware of, please contact Deputy Principal, Anne-Marie Harland on 847 9322.

Public Health Nurse

Our Public Health Nurse is Chris Palfi (ph 8383565 ext 7812). Chris liaises with the school regarding health concerns that affect our students on a regular basis, and is easily contactable on the number above.

Pastoral Care

For matters that involve general well being, or if you wish to discuss concerns regarding your childs welfare, please contact Anne-Marie Harland (Deputy Principal) on 847 9322.