St Columba's Catholic Primary School


Nga Tama Toa - Year 8 Boys

The aim and purpose of this program is to build stronger relationships and encouraging engagement in learning. This programme is tailored specifically for Year 8 boys, and aims to help students become confident in themselves, and take ownership of their own learning. The content of the course includes service in the school as well as around the community, as well as educating the boys on developing their own knowledge and skills of being a great man.

The content of the course provides integrated experiences within the New Zealand Curriculum learning areas and will integrate the school values of Honesty, Love, Care, Faith, and Respect. Nga Tama Toa also focuses on the Key Competencies of Thinking, Using language and texts, Managing self, Relating to others, and Participating and Contributing. The outline for each session will be structured to meet the learning needs of the boys through interactive activities and service to the school as well as the wider community.



Boys are encouraged to follow the value of Respect though:

  • Respecting themselves and others
  • The gift of listening
  • Integrity towards older mentors
  • Equity of those younger than them
  • Innovation, inquiry, and curiosity by thinking for themselves
  • Perseverance for encouragement to continue until the end
  • Having a Positive attitude