St Columba's Catholic Primary School



2022 Hockey Season

Hockey is played through terms 2 & 3 and is offered from Yr 1 through to Yr 6. 

Yr 1-6 games are played Saturday morning starting Saturday 7th May 2022. (year 1-2 14 May 2022)

Saturday morning games are played at either the Gallagher Hockey Centre or St Paul's Collegiate. 

Playing tops are provided and players are to wear navy shorts, long navy socks and laced up sneakers. Shin pads & mouth guards are compulsory and parents are to supply these. Most players have their own hockey sticks, but we do have some that can be used. 

NO playing dates: Queens Bday weekend. Matariki weekend and School Holidays.     

Fees: approx $60. TBC                                                                                                                                          

2022 WHA Mini Hockey Structure:    

Yr1-2 - Rainbow Mini : 20 minute Coaching session, 20 minute games. Basic Introduction for first time players. Limited Rules, 4 players aside. 

Yr3-4: 2x 13 min halves, played on quarter fields. For inexperienced players with few rules. 6 aside. No goalkeepers.

Yr-5-6 : 2x 13 minute halves played on quarter fields. For experienced players with few rules. 6 aside. No goalkeepers.