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In order to give the senior students opportunities to exercise responsible leadership and to interest all students in school activities, a House System operates at the school. Students have been divided into four houses namely: 

House Captains: To be confirmed for 2016

Patron of young women

Maria Goretti was canonized by Pope Pius XII in 1950 and Alessandro was present. As a result of this, he repented and later became a Catholic. She was chosen to be the patron of boys and girls, that she might help them to be pure.

·       Maria was born in Italy in 1890

·       She was martyred by a man named Alessandro

·       She forgave her murderer just before she died

·       She asked God to forgive him for what he did

·       Maria died holding the crucifix and a medal of the Blessed Virgin Mary

·       She was only 12 years old  



House Captains: To be confirmed for 2016

Patron of Spanish Catholic Writers

·       Teresa was born in Spain in 1515

·       As a child she loved to read stories about the lives of saints

·       When Teresa was young, she became unwell and was unable to walk.

        She  prayed and was healed.

·       Her mother died when Teresa was 12

·       Teresa joined the Carmelite Order of Sisters

·       Through prayer, work and sacrifice Teresa brought many people to Jesus

·       She wrote in one of her diaries:

"Let nothing trouble you, let nothing make you afraid.

All things pass away. God never changes.

Patience obtains everything.

God alone is enough."

·       Teresa died on October 4th, 1582




House Captains: To be confirmed for 2016

Patron of the Falsely Accused

Dominic Savio was made a saint of the Catholic Church and is honoured as the patron of teenagers.

·       Dominic was born in Riva, Italy in 1842

·       He attended Mass often and enjoyed altar serving

·       His school mates liked him because he was very kind and cheerful

·       He studied hard and loved to pray

·       He always chose to do the right thing

·       He was 15 when he died



House Captains: To be confirmed for 2016

·       Gerard was born in Muro, Italy in 1726

·       He was the son of a tailor who died when Gerard was 12

·       He joined the Redemptorist Order at the age of 23

·       He was professed a lay brother in 1752

·       He spent a life in silent prayer and especially praying for pregnant  women

·       He was loving, obedient and a servant for others

·       He died of tuberculosis in 1755 at the young age of 29

·       He said:

         "Here the will of God is done,

          As God wills,

          And as long as God wills."



* Siblings from the same family are placed in the same House.